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The City Green School Grounds Program

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171 Grove Street


City Green, Inc. in Clifton, NJ is an NPO that is dedicated to helping urban farms and gardens in northern New Jersey to establish gardens to help the lives of inner city residents. The aim is to enrich residents while cultivating education in public health, nutritional health, and the environment. City Green offers practical, technical and financial support to community members of all ages to design, create and manage these urban green spaces. City Green promotes social justice and environmental equality through these greening efforts.

The City Green School Grounds program supports the creation and maintenance of School Garden Projects and School Environmental Clubs throughout urban areas of northern New Jersey. These projects enhance the educational and academic process of participants, cultivating their talents and skills while enriching their capacities of observation and thinking.Youth gain an understanding of where their food comes from, the benefits of locally grown and organic food, the importance of healthy food choices and the impact of food choices on their health. Participants also develop a deeper understanding of the urban environment, its place in the context of ecosystems and ecology, and gain a sense of connection to the natural systems that support us.

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