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Name: Jessica Kochiss
476 Old Mill Road


Fairfield River-Lab Program


The Mill River Wetland Committee has established a river-lab program for Fairfield, For Grades 3-6.

Grade 3: "The Living River Basin System"

Grade 4: "A Basin in Balance"

Grade 5: "Productivity of a River Basin System"

Grade 6: "River as a Link to the Sea"

The program uses HANDS-ON activities to help students DISCOVER the principles of River Basin Systems and their inter-relationships with other important systems and man.  The student achieves understanding of the river basin system both as a concept and as a real-life part of his or her world.  This exploration also stimulates interest in science and ecology as relevant and rich, while also demonstrating principles for effective environmental stewardship.

The Mill River Wetland Committee is pleased to share its materials and experience with similar groups in other schools.

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