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Reducing the use of toxic chemicals

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Name: Deborah Buckley
Phone: 203-339-2755


I began using aromatherapy for my own dogs and as more people commented at how good they smelled and heard what I was doing they began to ask me to make them some for their dogs. My training/grooming center began using the ear cleanser and as more people heard I began a small business. It is a new business and products are made in small batches and can be customized. My dogs have not been bother by fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes. People who hike also use the products. The application of aromatherpy for canines has grown for applications for motion sickness, hot spot treatments, wound salves, calming blends, shampoos and grooming sprays. The use of essential oil blends eliminates pesticides worn on the dogs or in contact with people. Cleaning with essential oils of lavender or lemon will reduce bacteria and leave the home smelling fresh - no artificial air fresherner required.

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