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Name: Dennis Oligono


How to reduce dioxins from incinerated biomedical waste


Several months ago Milford, Connecticut based Impressions Services and BioClean, whose cleaning methodology is green, chose to expand their operations to include distributorship of the Demolizer II, an innovative and environmentally friendly biomedical waste management. They have invested considerable time and money to embrace the distributorship and educate consumers as to why the Demolizer II should be the only choice for those who are concerned about the environment, safety of their staff, liabilities, and budgetary considerations. They have placed a few units in the greater Milford area. They request and need support from those who understand the value that switching to such a system would mean for a better, safer environment. They seek to forge alliances with those who would champion their goals to the greater better of the world. There is strong resistance from the medical practice managers, so the best help to get this initiative going would be introductions directly to doctors and those empowered to make direct decisions regarding placement of a unit in their facility.

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