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Reduce Dioxins from Incinerated Biomedical Waste

Category: Recycling

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

BioClean (an affiliate company of Impressions Services) is the distributor in the East U.S. states for the environmentally friendly Demolizer II, which is a green technology to manage biomedical waste right at the facility, eliminating the cradle-to-grave liabilities, and the dangerous and environmentally destructive store/haul/incinerate process most medical practices currently utilize. It makes waste disposal simpler, processing waste with the push of a button and allowing to simply throw away in the trash. It automatically documents and stores state-required records for easy state-required compliance. It can also save those who generate biomedical waste up to 100% of the cost of their current method. Using this innovative technique, sharps and red bag waste are rendered safe for disposal as common trash and/or recyclable materials. It is a proven technology, meets or exceeds all EPA, CDC, state and local guidelines, and is approved or meets requirements for treatment by 78 governmental agencies in 50 states. BioClean offers an effective, safe, EPA compliant, and 100% green disinfectant for all medical offices. They also provide cleaning services to professional offices as well as mold testing and remediation for residential and businesses.

Contact: Dennis Oligono

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Impressions Services (PrisCo Consulting - consultant)
Location: Milford, CT
Contact: Dennis Oligono
Several months ago Milford, Connecticut based Impressions Services and BioClean, whose cleaning methodology is green, chose to expand their operations to include distributorship of the Demolizer II, an innovative and environmentally friendly biomedical waste management
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