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Green Demolitions in Oakland, NJ:  Stephanie and Vincent Gurnari of Oakland, NJ, visited the Green Demolitions New Jersey store recently, looking to add a few cabinets to their existing kitchen, but spotted a full kitchen -- including appliances -- for just under $6,000.  "We just kind of jumped on the opportunity," Stephanie Gurnari said. "It was too good of a deal to pass up.  We've got champagne tastes, and we wouldn't have been able to get some of the features we got with the budget we had."  Of course, this kitchen was built for someone else's home, so the Gurnaris had to be a bit creative about fitting it into their space.  But Vince, a teacher, used to work in a cabinet shop, and they have some handy relatives, so they were pretty confident about making it work.  "Kitchens are modular. They're boxes," Steve Feldman says. Green Demolitions usually recommends buying a kitchen that's a little bigger than your space to provide flexiblity.  There are many more Green Demolitions success stories and customer kudos you can find on the website: www.greendemolitions.com.

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