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Rain Barrels: Bridgeport, CT

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Rain Barrels in Bridgeport, CT


Aquarion Water Company, the largest
investor-owned water utility in New England, provides rain barrels at
greatly reduced cost to the public each spring to encourage water
conservation. Placed under a home's drain pipe, it captures rainwater
running off the roof - a quarter-inch of rain fills one of these
55-gallon barrels. 

Aquarion Water Company has sold
nearly 400 of these rain barrels in the past two years to customers
from Shelton to Stamford, CT. The water is perfect for gardening and
other outdoor purposes, such as washing cars or windows. Using the
rain barrels helps the communities as well, because water captured in
rain barrels stays out of the sewer systems.

The rain barrels Aquarion offers are recycled from the beverage
industry. They are a distinctive blue to keep out ultra-violet rays
that could cause mold inside the barrels, but they can be
spray-painted without disrupting this function. Each is child-proof
and comes with a mesh screen to keep out insects or animals. A spigot
on top lets out overflow from heavy rainstorms, and a five-foot hose
connects to a second spigot on the bottom for filling buckets or
watering cans.

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