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Putting Wetlands to Safe and Productive Use For the Environment

Category: Land & Conservation

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

"Invest in land. They're not making any more of it."  So said Connecticut native, Mark Twain. If land is a limited resource, why would we prohibit the use of some types of land when that land can still be made productive? Wetlands, long thought to be sacred environmental havens, with sometimes unreasonable limitations on their use, CAN be used to benefit quality of life while still supporting the environment in Fairfield. Laws and regulations that limit enjoyment of wetlands can be counterproductive. Instead of limiting use of wetlands to nil, encouragement of practical use of wetlands can have positive environmental benefits.  In our town, we have hospitable climate for growing wetland-friendly plants and crops. High-bush blueberries, native wetland species of plants, beekeeping are just a few of the activities that should be encouraged in wetland areas. If we change the perspective of wetlands and their rules of use, we have the opportunity to create a positive environmental impact while limiting dangerous environmental damage. Education of property owners to adjust their perspective of practical and fun uses for otherwise strictly protected wetlands would insure a positive benefit for the environment and for Fairfield. With practical and common sense rules for their use, wetlands can be cared for in helpful ways for the benefit of all.

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