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Organic Salsa

Category: Food

Initiative Objective:

We use farm fresh produce, picked from Connecticut farms or USDA organic farms.

Initiative Objective

We use farm fresh produce, picked from Connecticut farms or USDA organic farms and sources as local as possible. We carefully craft our salsa and jar it at the height of the season, so people can eat food produced from local farms, all year long. We care about our community, the environment and the world at large. We try and make careful, thoughtful choices. A portion of our profits will always go to charities that benefit children.

Vegans love our salsa and simmer sauces for the chili-lime base and chunky consistency, meat eaters enjoy it too. We are gluten-free.We use home style cooking methods and try our best to ensure that our USDA certified organic salsa uses products grown and produced without pesticides, man-made fertilizers or GMOs. We are trying to foster the national initiative to eat as local as possible, all year long.

The big idea, and my dream, is to cook and jar our salsa at several facilities all over the U.S. using local USDA organic farm sources at the height of season, and offering the salsa in various geographic areas. It would be a great way to eat sustainable food, all year long.

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