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Host/Organize a Sustainability Discussion Course

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Name: Carolyn White
Phone: 503-227-2807


Designed to be self-facilitated by groups of 8-12 people, the courses are a roadmap for people to create change within their own community (neighborhood, workplace, faith center or school).

More than 130,000 people worldwide have participated in NWEI discussion courses. By sparking the reflection and conversations that lead to change, our courses help translate inspiration to action – and create real results:

More than 90 percent of NWEI course participants report that the group process and support inspired them to make personal changes.

Three-fourths of NWEI course participants have reduced their household energy and water consumption, and 80 percent buy more local and organic food.
Many participants find that the changes they make for Earth have unexpected benefits: better health, more free time, financial savings, more connection with others and a higher quality of life.

Contact NWEI at 503.227.2807 or email carolyn@nwei.org NWEI will provide you with information on how to organize a discussion group and can take your order over the phone. You may choose to order course books to preview and have on hand during your planning process.

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