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Ed Hartz is the local Milkman

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Name: Ed Hartz
Fairfield County


The Milkman is Back in Fairfield, CT!!


Ed Hartz is the local Milkman. He
bought a real milk truck, worked on farms, and now delivers farm fresh
foods to the consumer's door. This service increases supply and demand
for real farm fresh local foods, supports family structure and local
economy. It is not a system based on the industrialized food system
and does not support the organized corruption that now exists in
business or government. The Milkman does not have to abide by the
commercial food marketing, sales or distribution food supply business
model. Today this Milkman business model brings back tradition,
virtue, health and economic prosperity to the farms, the environment,
families, community, and the food supply. What does it need? More
Milkmen / Milk Ladies working together to provide the same as we are
doing now. 

About "Milkman Delivery System-Key to Farm Fresh Foods, Health & Farming"

The Milkman Company is a farm fresh food delivery service to your home, office, food establishment, etc.. Door-to-door service the way the milkman used to be. Consumers often make a determination about where to shop for food based on the price per-gallon of milk, an an indicator of the store's other prices (or a warning that the rest of the prices are going to be high to make up for it, such as at convenience stores or big "health food store chains" that talk about local and they really are not). And once you are in the door for the milk, the stores hope, you are locked in as a consumer.

But these days, the old joke about going out for eggs and milk and coming home with a $100 in groceries is more of a reality than most family budgets can bear. That's just one reason the old-fashioned milkman is coming back. And may should be back in your life too. Bringing back nostalgia in a glass bottle. All part of real sustainability. This is a trend that is remarked on several times a year or so and deserves to become a market force. Fresh Farm Foods and Dairy delivery bucks the supermarket trend and grapples with an unexpected demand that economists and industry officials attribute to a combination of nostalgia, convenience, taste, quality, and economics.

The Milkman Company is addressing the question: "where do we want to be in 3 to 5 years on access to fresh unprocessed whole foods?" Raw Milk, Raw Foods, Artisanal Breads, 100% Vegetarian Fed Animals, BioDynamic, Cage Free, Free-Range/Roaming Running Animals, Grass-Fed and Pastured Foods, Non Use of Irradiated Foods, Organic, No Feedlots, No CAFO's, No GMO's, No Added Hormones, Natural, Non-Confined, No Routine antibiotic Use, Source Verified, Pasture-Raised, and Sustainable are all the focus of The Milkman Company and part of it's service.

We can change things or leave them as they are. Create change - one forkful at a time. working with this Milkman, this service, can help make a difference in the economy, agriculture, farming, the community, your health, your family's health, and the environment. Keep it local. There is no need for Imported foods.

The Milkman Company is reviving a suburban legend many thought was dead: The Milkman.

A recent survey had shown that 85% of the value of a typical family shop at a supermarket accrues to foreign companies. This is a powerful weapon when persuading people to sign up for the home deliveries. The Milkman stands for tradition and America. People like this. and they need this, now. The Milkman has an unashamedly patriotic approach.

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