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Mayor's Conservation Corps-Bridgeport, Ct

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Name: Willie Murphy


The following are a few small bullets summarizing the activities of Mayor's Conservation Corps: -We trained 30 youth ages 16-18 in the fields of energy conservation and door-to-door canvassing for a period of one week! The training was provided by Citizen Campaign for the Environment. -Ten of these young people worked with (SCA) Student Conservation Association at Beardsley Park where they help to develop and complete environmental improvement projects for the park. -The remaining 20 youth worked as door-to-door cancassers who contacted over 17,000 households of low and moderate income residents to solicit their participation in our B-Green 2020 program. Our youth educated residents about recyclin, signed residents up for home evergy audits in cooperation UI's Energy Sufficiency Fund, Rain Barrels, Adopt-a-Tree Program plus help to provide information on solar and clean energy. The Following is the results of their work: - We received 1,495 students in all: 38 Adopt-A-Tree, 148 Clean Energy, 444 Rain Barrels, 325 signups for recycle-bank(in 2 week period), 427 home energy audits(in a four week period we signed up 40% of the UI's annual number of audits completed annually) -We continue to receive on average 5-8 cards weekly from residents requesting to sign up for our various programs -Our conservation office also worked closely with Shiloh Baptist Church and Bridgeport's Minister's alliance in creating the Mayors First Annual Sustainability Expo that was held September 19, 2011 at City Hall 45 Lyon Terrace. There was over 260 residents in attendance. This event involved a host of environmental and green program participants. We had a number of individuals speak- Congressman Jim Hines, Mayor Bill Finch, Ted Grabarz, Berth Knean-Waddell from Recycle Bank, and Christopher Ehlert Manager Residents Energy Services from United Illuminating. We also signed up another 200 plus residents for energy audits at this event! -Our conservation Office was instrumental in connecting the city's church community with United Illuminating commercial division to have energy audits performed on our city's churches. Shiloh Baptist Church will be used as a demonstration model by installing solar panels to power the church's sign and a planned water fountain in the front of the church, planning to install rain barrels to conserve rain water for the purpose of flushing their toilet in the basement of their sanctuary.

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