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Mattress Recycling Facility-Bridgeport, CT

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Mattress Recycling In Bridgeport, CT


GBCE/Green Team in partnership with Family ReEntry/Fresh Start is developing a mattress recycling facility in Bridgeport, CT. The goal of this project is to take a nuisance product out of the waste stream, help towns, hospitals, and other entities that handle large quantities of mattresses increase their recycling rate and create good paying entry level jobs for chronically unemployed and underemployed workers. This project was started with the support of The Saint Vincent dePaul Society of Lane County Oregon and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This project was made possible through the support of City of Bridgeport under the leadership of Mayor Bill Finch and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and is a key part of the city's BGreen 2020 initiative. This project will take a nuisance item out of the waste stream and create jobs.

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