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Mass Save

Category: Energy

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Designed for 1-4 dwelling units, the Home Energy Assessment focuses on your home’s thermal envelope (shell insulation and air leakage conditions) and mechanical systems to identify cost effective energy efficiency improvement and/or replacement opportunities utilizing a "house as a system" approach. Regardless of the fuel you use, we will evaluate all opportunities to save you energy.A Home Energy Assessment can help you make smarter, more cost-effective energy-saving decisions: A Home Energy Assessment usually takes 1 - 2 hours to complete but can vary depending on the size, style, and age of the home. You should provide access to all areas of the home as the evaluation will include a basement-to-attic inspection. You should provide a copy of your gas and electric bills and a year's worth of usage for other fuels such as oil or propane. After you schedule an appointment, an energy specialist will assess your home’s current energy and provide a custom list of recommended ways to make energy saving changes in your home. All the decision makers of the household should allow time to participate in the assessment to understand the impact of the recommended improvements as well as the installation process necessary to complete the improvements. From here you can develop your own energy plan and make your way toward an energy efficient home. A wide range of incentives may be available for many of the measures that will be included on your list. Customers who own and reside in a one-to-four-family residence and obtain a Home Energy Assessment may also be eligible for a HEAT loan. Check back on the Mass Save® website to find incentives available to you. Call 1-866-527-7283. A Mass Save representative will be on hand to assist you in scheduling an appointment. Eligibility requirements may vary by service area

Contact: Christopher Graham

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