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Name: Los Angeles Costume Swap
Phone: (323) 212-LACS (5227)
Mar Vista Farmers Market, Venice Blvd / Grand View


The Los Angeles Costume Swap is doing its part to help reduce the burden on our landfills by organizing a Halloween costume swap. The organization has decided to take up the challenge to stop the Halloween rot by becoming part of the National Costume Swap Day, created by Corey Colwell-Lipson of GreenHalloween.org®.

Los Angeles Costume Swap has teamed up with the Mar Vista Farmers' Market to host a GREEN-o-ween event at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market on Oct. 14th and Oct. 28th.

Kids and adults will have the opportunity to swap costumes by recycling their old Halloween gowns, witches hats, masks, clothing accessories and superhero capes. According to Los Angeles Costume Swap, the exchange will help reduce planet stress by 6,200 tons.Beyond the costume exchange, Los Angeles Costume Swap advocates other Halloween-centric activities and products that are eco-friendly, including crafting, books, safe toys, and healthy or sugar-free trick-or-treat items in place of candy.

On October 14th, the organization will hand out one gently used comic book per child or adult in costume or swaps a costume. Also on October 14th will be GMO Zombies vs Rogue Privateers pirates to defend us from the zombies!

Are you a pirate or a zombie?

Dress as either a pirate or a zombie and be entered to win a one-of-a-kind zombie art piece by Living Dead Girl Nicole (more information available on the website.)

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