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Keep Rock Creek Free of Pesticides

Contact Info

Name: Vonnie Hayden
Phone: 440-563-5821


Stop pesticides from going into Rock Creek.


Lake Roaming Rock, Roaming Shores, Ohio.
Diquat Bromide was sprayed the spring summer of 2010 to kill
"unwanted" lake "weeds". The Board of Directors of Roaming Shores then in July passed
a no-chem rule with $1000 fine. As of May 1, 2011, a pro-chemical Board
has been elected to bring back the chemicals. Our lake water feeds
directly into and is literally Rock Creek. We need people in Rock
Creek Village and surrounding water watershed to attend the next
Council meet in Roaming Shores on May 17th and be VOCAL. rsvp asap.   
Vonnie L Hayden  440-563-5821

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