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Name: Kat Fischer
Phone: 203.644.8330


Kat's PAWS is my non-profit project which collects, redeems and recycles bottles and cans and donates the money to PAWS No-Kill Animal Shelter (www.pawsct.org) in Norwalk, CT. I became involved with PAWS when we adopted my cat from PAWS three years ago. I witnessed how well all of the animals were treated, and immediately wanted to raise funds for them to help lower their veterinary and food costs which are close to $250,000 each year. Kat’s PAWS combines my love for raising awareness and changing habits regarding recycling and my love for helping animals in need. We have been up and running for about a year and a half. In that time, we have redeemed over to 25,000 bottles and cans and have raised over $1,400 to benefit the animals at PAWS. The program collects from over 40 families and 2 businesses throughout the Fairfield County area.

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