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Milford, CT. Impressions Services was recently named by the Milford Chamber of Commerce as the ‘Green Company’ Awards of Achievement honoree. Owner Ray Daneault, who both lives and works in Milford, is actively involved in the community as a long-time member of the Milford Chamber of Commerce, the Milford Rotary, and Milford Yacht Club. After a previous career in the music industry and a subsequent franchising foray, he launched Impressions Services – a top end cleaning service - in 1987. Ray focuses intently on protecting the environment, the health of his employees and the health of all that enter his client’s premises.

Impressions Services utilizes green, environmentally friendly products and methods. Ray has developed a following among the medical community with his ‘medical sterile zone’ cleaning process currently used in operating rooms and scrub areas throughout New Haven and Fairfield counties. Impressions Services utilizes this ‘touch everything’ approach developed for the medical community even when cleaning in a less exacting environment. Ray now fills a niche by catering to all types of businesses that want to provide the cleanest, healthiest workplace for their customers and employees. As a bonus, Ray’s clients have reported a reduction in absenteeism which many attribute to the disinfecting of their workspaces. Less colds and flu passed around the office is a real bonus.
While still serving his very first client, Ray has consistently built the business by providing uncompromising and satisfaction-guaranteed services. Commercial clients are provided with a diverse selection of services including confidential document shredding, carpet cleaning, utilizing a truck mounted deep extraction method, construction site cleanup and debris removal, floor stripping and waxing, and window cleaning. Residential services include detail cleaning, appliance removal, post remodeling and construction cleaning, entire home cleanout and a special protocol used when preparing a home for sale or prior to a new owner taking possession.
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contact: Priscilla Lynn, consultant
cell/text: 407-340-9496
em: prisco@priscopr.com

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Recently, to meet the needs of his medical community base, Ray formed an affiliate company, BioClean. BioClean offers an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective management system for treating regulated medical waste. Syringes and other medical waste are routinely stored for weeks at a time, hauled out of state and incinerated causing toxic waste (dioxins) to be released into the atmosphere. BioCleans’ system reduces exposure risk to employees and patients, the recordkeeping burden for busy medical personnel and saves the environment from these deadly pollutants. Another new service offered by BioClean is mold testing and remediation. BioCleans’ methods provide a healthier environment both in the home and workplace. As with all their services, BioCleans’ mold remediation methods rely on an organic product that is totally safe and effective in eliminating the mold and preventing its return.
Ray’s a road warrior, and you can regularly find him performing quality control visits at all times of the day or night. From Branford to Stamford, Ray’s companies are cleaning where we work and live while protecting the environment.
When not working, Ray loves to play the piano, ski, dance and enjoys boating. You’ll get a big grin and yet another interesting story when you ask Ray how he came to be a past winner of the Milford Rotary’s Competition, “Dancing with The Stars.” For more information call 800-217-1963 or visit www.impressionsclean.com

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