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How to Choose Your Dumpster

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Name: Robert Sojka


There is an ever-growing demand for dumpster rentals in Fairfield County. For our everyday garbage, home renovations and construction projects, dumpsters are becoming indispensable solutions in our disposal of huge bulks of wastes that small storages cannot handle. If you are one of those who needs a dumpster yet do know which one to rent, here’s a little guide for you: Estimate the amount of waste. Talk to a contractor, dumpster rental agent or someone from a home improvement store to calculate approximately how much waste you will dispose. You can also let them view some pictures of the property you will clean. After you have discussed your project’s scope, ask him how great a deal he thinks the debris will be and let him recommend the dimensions of the dumpster. Know the type of waste. Wastes can be classified into Household Debris, Clean Construction Debris, Clean Concrete, Soil/Dirt, Stump and Brush. Most of them cannot be mixed in a single dumpster. A good dumpster rental company can provide you with a dumpster for the type of waste you will dispose. If you are having problems with hazardous or multiple types of wastes, ask your dumpster rental service provider on how to dispose them. Measure the size of the dumpster. The size of the dumpster you need will depend on the amount and weight of the wastes. Dumpsters can be 1-30 cubic yards, where each cubic yard can carry upto 150 lbs. Roll off dumpsters, or those large and wheeled cans, are ideal for house renovation, commercial projects and construction cleanups. Trash container dumpsters, which range from 2 to 8 yards, are usually utilized in residential buildings, stores and restaurants. Plan the place for the dumpster. If you have already assessed the size of your future dumpster, ensure that it will be appropriately placed. Its area should be accessible enough while yet not sacrificing your parking space. It should also be situated where you can accessibly reach it and where it can be easily picked up. Take note that most dumpsters are tall and large, and so you must provide a temporary, sturdy step to reach the opening of its containers. There are several dumpster rental services in Fairfield County and Connecticut State. It is also best to choose one that will guarantee the wastes’ segregation, ecological disposal and possible recycling. This way, not only we can address our pressing waste management needs, but we can also keep Fairfield County “clean and green”.

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