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Home Energy Efficiency -Go Green and Save Money

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Initiative Objective:

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Go green and save money!

Initiative Objective

Go green and save money by completing a home energy audit. Whether you do it yourself, or hire a green energy consultant, assessing how much energy your home uses, evaluating areas for energy efficiency, creating and following through with a home energy checklist will result in reduced energy consumption, which conserves natural resources and saves money. Completing a home energy audit is one simple measure you can take towards environmentally friendly living.

One of the best ways to protect our natural resources is to conserve energy by living and working in energy-efficient buildings.

Home energy audits, completed by green energy consultants, typically include the following:

  • A blower-door test which pinpoints critical drafts and air leaks. If leaks are found, measures must be taken to seal them.
  • A duct test to assess air leaks within the ductwork system. Significant leaks must be sealed.
  • Hot water-saving measures including low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators can be installed.
  • Installation of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs is suggested, where the use makes sense.
  • Checking insulation in attics and providing additional insulation where needed.
  • Home energy checklist

See what a home energy audit looks like:

Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW:

States across the country offer a variety of home energy audit programs. Check out state programs below!

Do-it-yourself home energy audits

Hire a professional home energy auditor

Do you have a specific question about home energy audits, environmentally friendly living, or green energy? 

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Advisors for Home Energy Efficiency -Go Green And Save Money : what is this?

Seth Leitman

Green Living Guy Productions and ETS Energy Store, LLC

Briarcliff Manor, NY

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