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Healing the wounds of war "Operation Green"

Category: Building

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Let's build a Greenhouse for our Veterans

Where: West Haven VA center 950 Campbell Ave. West Haven, CT Our vets deserve our heartfelt gratitude for serving our country, and we are promoting awareness and seeking funding to build a greenhouse at the VA campus in West Haven, CT. It is well known that working with plants and flowers – being part of nature - has a therapeutic, nurturing and calming effect.

WHY DO THEY NEED THIS? The current garden program is limited to seasonal (0nly 90 days) activity. A greenhouse would allow for year-round participation. Research shows that simply viewing plants has therapeutic rewards. A greenhouse would have additional benefits for skills training and a permanent place for retreat and relaxation – an indoor natural sanctuary for patients, families and hospital staff – all of whom are under stress.

WHAT IS IN THE GREENHOUSE: The building would also be wheelchair accessible, providing an additional outlet for patient populations not now served. A garden for the blind is also planned, yielding a unique sensory experience for all. The greenhouse would be completely climate controlled and have an ADA approved restroom. Exotic/tropical plants, waterfall design, paved walkway and benches/table and chairs will all contribute to an environment conducive to relaxation and relief from the everyday nagging issues of stress, whether physical, mental, or both. And it would be FUN!

Contact: John Passander

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