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Numerous reading materials can creatively explain to them how the Earth works and how we can protect it. These accessible materials come in various genres for different age brackets. The internet alone is a rich source of these interesting coloring books, word games, math challenges and detective missions that will both nurture our kid’s intellectual capacity and love for environment. Great times when reading with us, their parents and teachers, heighten our children’s enthusiasm. So, we must indeed read – and care for our planet – with our children. If you want to start or continue those great productive moments, here are a few of the many reading materials that you can use to ignite your child’s imagination and willingness to reduce, reuse and recycle: • Case of the Broken Loop will let your child play the role of a detective who will solve a puzzle and learn about reducing wastes and conserving resources. • Follow That Trail! is another mysterious adventure wherein your child can learn more about the Earth while looking for clues to solve a mysterious note. • Planet Protectors Create Less Waste In the First Place can explain to your child (and to a space creature!) how containers can be reused here on Earth. • Trash and Climate Change presents answer banks, math challenges, crossword puzzle that will lead to your child’s discovery of the hidden reasons why we must Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The above materials are in GPOD Dumpster Rental’s first set of resource for its recently-launched Library. The library is a part of our serious “Green” commitments to promote reducing, reusing and recycling wastes not only as business endeavors, but as advocacies in everyone’s everyday lives. Just like reading, the library is free for everyone to enjoy! You will surely find its content meaningful and useful in teaching our children about today’s recycling efforts and how important these efforts are to the future of our planet.

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