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Bee Beautiful a Green Salon and Spa

Contact Info

Name: Keith French
Phone: 626-737-1625
Shawan Plaza 11341 York Road


Testimonal from a Green Business League Certified Green Business. When I started this business, I wanted to do more than just be the best hair salon in the area. I also wanted to be the most eco-friendly shop in town and insure that I did everything I possibly could to protect our precious environment in the process” stated 70-year old Nancy Boltz of Bee Beautiful in Hunt Valley, MD. After an independent third-party review of her business practices and facility, it was concluded that not only did Ms. Boltz live up to her words, but her “green” salon has gone well beyond anyone’s expectations. Jean Cozzolino, a certified Green Consultant™ with Greener Perspectives, personally inspected Ms. Boltz’s facility and, upon completion of her formal Green Assessment, stated “In working with many environmentally-conscious companies over the past year, I can clearly state for the record that this is one the best examples of what a single-minded individual can accomplish when they set their mind to it. Not only did Bee Beautiful immediately qualify for national certification through the Green Business League, she qualified at the “Platinum” level of certification, an accomplishment that less than 10% of those companies audited ever achieve.” To earn her coveted “Platinum” certification, her salon has bamboo floors, solar tinting on windows to reduce cooling costs, separate ventilation system for color and nail rooms, all EnergyStar appliances, CFL bulbs almost everywhere, low-flush toilets to conserve water, no VOC paints, and much, much more. In fact, Ms. Boltz even sends her cuttings to a company that uses hair to help collect the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. When informed of these findings, Boltz noted…”Sure I’m proud of the things I’ve done but I’m committed to doing even more. I know I’m 70 but, in today’s world, you have a responsibility not only to your customers and employees but also to the community and the environment. I just want to make sure I’m doing my part.” Bee Beautiful offers a full menu of salon and spa services but it also prides itself on being both serene and green. From simple haircuts to full-body treatments, Nancy Boltz and Bee Beautiful always keep an eye on the environment. Plus, maybe because she’s also a grandmother, there are always cookies and snacks available to customers. In conclusion, Ms. Cozzolino noted that “It’s always a privilege to work with any firm that is genuinely committed to minimizing its negative impact on the environment, but Nancy Boltz and Bee Beautiful are special. It was a pleasure to award them this small recognition for their achievement.” If you would like to learn more about Bee Beautiful, you can go to their website at www.beebeautifulgreensalon.com . If you would like to learn more about national certification, you can go to www.Greenpathla.com .

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