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Green Fund enabling legislation

Category: Land & Conservation

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Local green initiatives include brownfield restoration, storm sewer separation, energy conservation (insulation, alternative energy production), alternative transportation (bikeways), clean air (diesel retrofits) are costly but provide many green jobs. A 1% sales tax on real estate conveyances could provide steady dedicated income to pay for these projects, and leverage matching private, state and federal grants to multiply the funds The tax would assure the buyer of a more sustainable investment in the community, since green communities are more desireable. But such a tax requires enabling legislation approved by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor. Sierra and many other groups are working on such a bill, with growing support. Get your Town Finance Committee and Selectmen on board, and have them contact your legislators!

Contact: David Bingham

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Long Island, Block Island, Cape Cod, New Jersey, Hawaii
Location: Salem, CT
Contact: David Bingham
With enabling state legislation, local communities in these locations have imposed conveyance fees to conserve farms and forests, raising hundreds of millions of dollars and helping sustain real estate values in their towns while having nature itself clean the air and water
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