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Bridgeport Green Drinks

Contact Info

Name: Daphne Dixon
Phone: (203) 536-4695


Bridgeport Green Drinks begin in 2009.

The first Bridgeport Green Drnks was held at Ralph n' Rich's, and events continued there through 2010. At that point, Bridgeport Green Drinks moved over to the Blue Martini at the Holiday Inn and then to Epernay Bistro,

During the last  two summers, Bridgeporrt Green Drinks has been held at Captain's Cove and has attracted groups of 50+ Green Drinkers.

In October 2012, in conjunction with the 4th Annual Green Market Exposition, Bridgeporrt Green Drinks found a new home at Barnum Publick House.

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About "Green Drinks"

Network and socialize about "green" at these monthly events. Green Drinks began is 1989 at the Slug and Lettuce, London England and there are now hundreds of these events all over the world!

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