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Steamboat Sustainable Business Program

Contact Info

Name: Lyn Halliday
Phone: 970.879.6323


The program focuses on sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line: financial success, social responsibility, proactive environmental management, and the inter-relationships between them. Our goal is to leave our planet in as good or better shape for future generations. To date, 83 businesses have participated.

As part of the program, a professional environmental consultant provides sustainable business coaching that is tailored to each business. The SBP also provides a format for networking, sharing of ideas and practices, and for channeling collective energies amongst the business community that further the goal of achieving sustainability and a vibrant, economically sound community.

Businesses certified through the SBP have gone through a rigorous evaluation process with the help of a professional coach which analyzes their facility, their operation and their policies and practices with an eye towards reducing their environmental footprint and enhancing their contribution to the overall success of the community. Accordingly, they have implemented significant changes and have action plans to continually improve their sustainable practices.

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