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Green Business Challenge

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Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

Business working together to create a greener business culture.

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Stamford Corporate Sustainability Challenge
Location: Stamford, CT
Contact: Kristine D'Elisa
THE STAMFORD  CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE  Increase your building’s marketability  Reduce utility bills  Lower maintenance costs  Be recognized as a leader in the community  2011-12 Stamford Corporate Sustainability Challenge Participants: Royal Bank of Scotland 2010-11 Stamford Cororate Sustainability Chalenge Participants: Albert B
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Austin Green Business Leaders
Location: Austin, TX
Austin Green Business Leaders is a new City of Austin program that helps Austin businesses
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Green Office Challenge: Houston
Location: Houston, TX
The City of Houston is looking to commercial property managers and office tenants to demonstrate leadership in environmental performance throughout the City of Houston
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The Loudoun County Green Business Challenge
Location: Leesburg, VA
"Would you like to excel in all of these areas and be able to tell customers, family and friends that you run a green business? Perhaps your management is looking for new ways to develop the business and also gain recognition for community stewardship?" The Loudoun County Green Business Challenge gives businesses the opportunity to show their leadership in the community and improve their bottom line by saving and making money through being sustainable
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Charleston’s Green Business Challenge (GBC)
Charleston's Green Business Challenge is a Sensible solutions for your business and the Charleston community
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Westchester Green Business Challenge
The Westchester Green BusinessChallenge (WGBC) is a friendly competition open to all 35,000 businesses in Westchester County, New York
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Steamboat Sustainable Business Program
Contact: Lyn Halliday
The program focuses on sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line: financial success, social responsibility, proactive environmental management, and the inter-relationships between them
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