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Grand Opening - New Solar Store in Torrington, CT

Contact Info

Name: Osvaldo Rosado
Phone: 203-206-7543
941 Migeon Avenue


New Solar Store opens!

Northwest Renewable Energy Center

Osvaldo Rosado and David Bonta of USA Solar Store are happy to announce the soft opening of the Northwest Renewable Energy Center starting Saturday, March 9nd, at 11am. The greater Torrington community is invited to visit the new Solar Store, meet with Osvaldo and hear about his innovative ideas to help homeowners and small businesses in the area save on energy consumption and lower fuel bills.

An interest in everything energy connected led Osvaldo, a Retired Naval Petty Officer with a background in satellite telecommunication electronics, to share his enthusiasm “for what nature provides” courtesy of affordable wind and solar power. The State’s $1billion commitment for renewable energy and a 30 percent credit from a Federal rebate program further increases the support for home and small businesses to invest in renewable energy systems.

The new Solar Store will assist in the replacement of old hot water heaters and offer customers the opportunity to install affordable solar PV panels or tubes to save on the cost of oil or gas heating and help lower carbon output by reducing CO2 levels. The store will also work with the community to provide skilled sub-contractors who are certified technicians for plumbing and electrical work.

In addition, the store will carry small wind systems and other energy-saving products including long-lasting CFL and LED bulbs and lighting tubes, cost-saving solar roof vents and much more. Energy-efficient Star appliances such as refrigerators and freezers will also be available. Books will be part of the inventory to help assist customers with the first steps in saving money by energy efficiency and conservation from changing a light bulb to weatherization.

Osvaldo plans to use on-site space in the store to hold educational workshops for the community and host training demonstrations. Local contractors are invited to take advantage of the latest products available for weatherization and green-building

The public is invited to drop by the store for the Grand Opening of the Northwest Renewable Energy Center on Saturday, April 20th, 2013. All PACE members are welcome to participate, to meet Osvaldo and see the solar models on display.

For further information contact:

Osvaldo Rosado

The Northwest Renewable Energy Center

941 Migeon Avenue

Torrington, CT 06790

Tel: (203) 206-7543


e-mail: osvaldor@nwctsolarstore.com

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