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Sweet Providence Farm Market and Bakery 6

Contact Info

Name: John Paul Houston
Phone: 540-745-4000
3263 Floyd Highway North


Bringing food to the table is as old as mankind. The simple pleasures of the aroma of fresh baked breads and pies or the sweet succulence from that 'just picked' sliced tomato or the mouth watering goodness of a fresh chicken all start from superb quality food. Here at Sweet Providence, we invite you to experience that wholesome goodness we offer every single day. We take great pride in being able to tell you, "We know where this food came from - much of it our own farm and bakery. Come . . . Experience the Freshness! Experience the Taste! Experience Sweet Providence Farm Market and Bakery!

Year round, Monday through Saturday, 10 Am - 6 PM.

Location: 3263 Floyd Highway North, Floyd, VA 24091.

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