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Salem Farmers Market

Contact Info

Name: Josh Furlong
Phone: 330-420-5213
State Street


The Salem Farmers' Market on State Street in downtown Salem, provides small local farmers, backyard gardeners and home food producers a place to connect with a growing community of consumers who value locally sourced food. It also provides a venue to educate the wider community about the importance of local food, home gardening and other sustainable practices.

The Market on the Green is also a place where people can learn about growing their own food through bi-monthly presentations on home scale gardening. Studies have shown that people who garden are much more likely to shop at farmer's markets, because they know the superior qualities of freshly picked food. The Market on the Green is also a place that promotes a cultural shift in our relationship to food from one of simple economics, to a relationship that savors all that goes into eating food: from growing to purchasing, cooking and sharing with friends and family.

Market runs from May - October from Saturdays from 8am-1pm at State St in downtown Salem.

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