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Delaneys Artisan Foods Market

Contact Info

Name: Jordan Stone
Phone: 760-277-8575
41955 5th Street, #101


We invite you to come an shop our indoor farmers market that we've set up like a corner grocery store for your convenience.

We are local artisans, local growers, local chefs, local heroes with lots of local pride.

Our produce is grown 10 to 15 miles away from our store by farmers you can shake hands with. Our growers restock their produce three times a week just to be sure the freshest fruit and crispest vegetables are available for you. Growers who we like to call, "local heroes”. The bread artisan drops off fresh breads as well as the egg farmer, the dairy and a wealth of other local food artisans.

We also have a marvelous juice bar that only uses fruits and vegetables from the wealth of produce in our produce section.

We Support Local

Year round Open 7 days a Week / Sunday to Sunday Daily 9 am to 7 pm

41955 5th Street, #101 Temecula, CA.

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