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Carlsbad Village Farmers' Market

Contact Info

Name: Christy Johnson
Phone: 760-687-6453
2930 Roosevelt Street


THE FARMERS' MARKET HAS IT ALL Did you want local strawberries and avocados, delicious apples and oranges, ripe melons, cherries and blueberries? How about unusual squashes, heirloom tomatoes or incredible greens? ...AND we have Organic produce, as well!

WE'RE CERTIFIED The Carlsbad Village Farmers' Market is California Certified which means you are guaranteed to get the freshest fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers from local farmers.

THE TASTIEST FOODS We also have numerous specialty food vendors selling homemade and imported items including salsa, cheese, granola, popcorn, fresh-squeezed juice, olives and olive oil, seasonings and mixes, tamales and burritos, breads and pastries and local farm fresh eggs.

We are open year-round, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1-5pm in the Public Parking Lot at 2930 Roosevelt Street, between Carlsbad Village Drive and Grand Avenue, in beautiful Carlsbad Village, CA.

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