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Energy Efficiency for Historic Buildings

Category: Energy

Initiative Objective:

A hands-on workshop in Norwalk, CT, showed how to make an old window more energy efficient, without compromising its historic look.

Initiative Objective

"Energy Efficiency for Historic Buildings" is one sustainability program that Clean Air - Cool Planet staffers and many of New England's local energy committee members we work with are talking about. Together, we share some energy-saving "how-to's" with • Municipal Historic District Commissioners or local Historical Society members • People in the building restoration trades • Owners and property managers of older or historic buildings ... and now we can share the particulars of this program with the GreenTowns online community. We have organized hands-on workshops featuring demonstrations on retrofitting old windows for energy efficiency, and are distributing electronic and paperbound copies of our book, "Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Historic Preservation: A Guide for Historic District Commissions." ("HDC Guide" downloads available at http://www.cleanair-coolplanet.org/for_communities/index.php) People who live in older homes or who work in historic buildings might assume that being too cold in the winter, or too hot in the summer, is the price that must be paid for all that architectural character and charm. But in fact, drafty buildings are perfect candidates for some basic weatherization. Getting the necessary work done will reduce energy costs substantially, and will keep the occupants far more comfortable. Installations of "clean energy" generating systems and other sustainable practices are also covered in the Guide. We encourage local energy committees and their communities to implement the practices described in the book, and we are happy to answer questions and share ideas.

Contact: Patrice Gillespie

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