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Alexandria, TN

Contact Info

Name: Nat Winston III
Phone: 615-391-8987
662 Green Pastures Rd.


I have recently inherited my mother's heavily wooded 70 acre farm in Alexandria, TN. On my land I have found wild plum trees (Cuttings transplanted into an orchard), Wild raspberry plants (Soon to be transplanted), Persimmons, Hickory, Poke Salet, and watercress as well as mint. I suspect that there are Morrel Mushrooms in early Spring. In addition, (and perhaps to the dismay of some of you), I also hunt for food. I am overloaded with deer and Wild Turkey, (I haven't killed any but they are there if I want to), I'd rather photograph them. I have killed squirrels and rabbits there and they make delicious stews. Coyotes are pandemiv there and very destructive to pets and livestock! I will hunt them to reduce their numbers and sell the skins for income. I will give the bones to people who collect them. I try to use as much of the game I kill as I can. There is a two acre lake there dry right now, that I will repair. When it was full, it was loaded with bass, bluegill, and catfish! It could possibly be a source of drinking water (my main problem at this time). There are two wet weather springs that are dry in Summer, so far, attempts at wells have been futile. there has been water in the past, but it was brought in by truck and the tanks are now rusted out. I want to go solar but SLOWLY. Wind power might be an option. I make less that $1,000 a month on a l permanent disability, so don't have a lot of money to deal with these things All the farms in the area have much the same problem.

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