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Down to Earth Markets

Contact Info

Name: Nicole Reed
Phone: 914.923.4837
173 Main Street, 3rd Floor


Down to Earth Farmers Markets is a mission-driven company that curates and manages approximately twenty farmers markets in and around New York City. The company was founded in 1991 as Community Markets and rebranded in 2012 as Down to Earth Farmers Markets.

The name change affirmed our commitment to the source of our food: the earth.


Since the beginning, Down to Earth Markets has been connecting shoppers with regional farms and food producers through our farmers markets and other venues. In doing so, we honor a timeless form of commerce: local, community-scale businesses selling neighbor to neighbor.

Our mission is to:

·  Create economic opportunities for local farmers, processors, and consumers to trade with one another for mutual benefit;

·  Celebrate our food culture together to enhance community life; and

·  Cultivate knowledge, awareness, and practices among consumers and producers to care for the environment and build the local food economy.

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