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The Connecticut Campaign for Sustainable Communities is a joint effort of community members, green organizations and businesses, leaders and everyone interested in sustainable communities joining together and connecting, within and throughout Connecticut communities, and across areas of interest. Our goal is to connect 1,000 people throughout Connecticut this October. Connecticut is a national leader in green practices, and will provide a model for other states to follow. We need to grow sustainability in every community, To create a green America, we need to foster sustainability in all communities. GreenTowns enables people to connect to each other, share local initiatives and stay informed about green events. By harnessing the power of our collective efforts, we can better support each other and solve challenges all communities are facing. This month, a large number of groups and individuals are working together to connect around “green” in Connecticut, using GreenTowns platform and celebrating green efforts in town pages across the state.

Join Your Town Page: Show your support for sustainability, find out about green events, new initiatives and connect with others in your community.

Promote Your Business with a FREE Profile: Profiles include your name, photo and business name on your town page and a profile page for your business/organization description with links to your site.

Invite Your Friends: Invite your friends to join you in the Connecticut Campaign for Sustainable Communities. Use Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, Linkedin, or whatever is your preferred method of communication. 

Share Local Initiatives: Share local green initaitives, sustainability efforts and best practices with others and celebrate successes.

Promote Local Green Events: To share your events with the community, send details to pr@greentowns.com

About "CT Campaign for Sustainable Communities"

The Connecticut Campaign for Sustainable Communities is a statewide effort lead by all of those who are interested in creating and nurturing the development and growth of green municipal infrastructures, that will pave the way for sustainable communities. Leading the way are GreenTowns Advisors, environmental and grassroots organizations, green businesses, community members and town and city leaders. There are thousands of people in towns across the state working on a variety of wonderful green projects and running successful "green" businesses. Until now, there has not been one, centralized place for the vast amount of sustainable information that is available, or a way to connect communities around "green". GreenTowns provides a platform for people to share their support, their green initiatives and their green businesses with others and connects people across towns and across categories. Building sustainable communities requires a holistic approach, which means every aspect of how we live our lives, the choices we make, and the products and services we buy, factor into the equation. It requires a large-scale effort; and town by town, it's starting to happen. This fall, GreenTowns is inviting businesses and organizations to support sustainability, and the opportunity to promote their business by joining their town pages. If we all share green efforts, green businesses and initiatives with each other, we can build on our collective successes and hasten the growth of sustainable communities in Connecticut. Together, we can make a difference.

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