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Sustainable Packaging

Campbell's sustainable packaging guidelines, innovation, and marketplace results

Campbell's Global Packaging Development organization is engaged and committed to continuously improving our sustainable packaging footprint. Packaging professionals are engaged in both short term improvements and long term development projects to reduce the environmental impact of our packages while providing the highest quality products possible. 

§  Globally, packaging improvement projects eliminated more than 9.3 million pounds of packaging materials in the last two years.

§  Campbell's saved more than 4.5 million pounds of steel, plastic and paper packaging materials in 2010.

§  Pepperidge Farm converted Baked Naturals line of products to recycled paperboard.

§  Arnott's conducted a complete redesign of their Monte Carlo product line saving 15 tons of packaging materials.

§  Pepperidge Farm completed the first test of returnable corrugated cases for Goldfish products.

§  Campbell's completed the first Life Cycle Assessment of a soup product, including the assessment of packaging material impact categories.

§  Campbell's has joined The Sustainability Consortium to partner with academic and industry leaders in understanding and systematically assessing the sustainability impacts of our sector from farm to store.

§  Transitioned a PET beverage bottle supply from the U.S. to a local supplier in Canada, eliminating 750 trucks, and their associated environmental impact, from the road.

§  Redesigned Shapes and Jatz packaging in Australia, reducing paperboard by 440,000 pounds and eliminating 12,000 pallets from distribution.

In addition to these changes, we have initiated strategic technology development programs with key suppliers aimed at producing sustainability breakthroughs in the foreseeable future. Many of these efforts were highlighted during our Packaging Sustainability Fair held at Campbell World Headquarters in June 2009.

Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

In FY2009, our packaging professionals developed formal packaging sustainability guidelines to help guide decisions associated with the packaging materials used to protect the wide range of our products. These guidelines translate industry best practices into a set of guiding principles.

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