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Convert Fitness Energy to Electricity

Category: Energy

Initiative Objective:

Initiative Objective

The Green Revolution technology makes exercise fun and reduces carbon emissions by transforming human energy generated on spinning/indoor cycling bikes into clean, renewable electricity and feeding it back into the building’s power grid. Our equipment attaches to all major brands of indoor cycle/spinning equipment in group fitness facilities of universities, corporations and commercial studios. The display of individual, group and historic energy output provides motivating feedback and inspires other meaningful energy-saving behaviors while attracting new people to an enhanced exercise experience. Our objective is to engage people as a meaningful part of a sustainable solution, to create clean energy and inspire energy saving behaviors and to attract new participation with an enhanced fitness experience. TGR produces the hardware to harness human energy and the interfacing software to measure/display energy metrics. Our modular design includes 3 components: a generator that converts human energy to electricity, a control pod that controls resistance levels of the equipment and displays the individual watts created and a grid tied command center that transforms the aggregated energy into usable electricity and manages the informatics layer of our technology.

Contact: Claire Carlson

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