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Composting at Work

Category: Recycling

Initiative Objective:

Composting at Bigelow Tea

Initiative Objective

November 22, 2010 was an exciting day in the green annals at R.C. Bigelow as this was the day we began composting our biodegradable material at our Corporate Plant and Fairfield Manufacturing facility. Logistically our composting program works in the following manner:    

•Biodegradable material is segregated at various locations and placed in separate compost containers  

•Our trash removal vendor supplies our compost containers and also picks up and brings our compost material to an organic farm in Connecticut called New Milford farm  

•Compostable material is stored in a wood shed that is located on our site and will be air conditioned for sanitary purposes during summer months

•Not only is this the right thing to do for our environment, but we save money as the price per ton charge from the compost facility is less then the charge for our existing material to be removed via the solid waste stream and landfill

•We are able to reduce the amount of times that our trash is removed from our facility thereby saving additional money. We believe that composting our biodegradable material is the right thing to do for our environment and will reduces the amount of solid waste sent to our landfills which improves the earth and makes it a better place for future generations. Everyone at Bigelow has pitched in and after the first 15 weeks of the program, we have composted 4.5 tons of trash (9000 pounds). We are excited about what the future holds in this area.

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Composting at Work-Fairfield, CT
Contact: Jim Gildea
November 22, 2010 was an exciting day in the green annals at R
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