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Woodbridge Farm

Contact Info

Name: Julia Smagorinsky
Phone: 860-531-8090
30 Woodbridge Road


Certified Organic & Certified Biodynamic Grown Produce, Fresh & Nutritious directly from our farm to your home. please contact us for more information

Woodbridge Farm is located in south eastern Connecticut and is committed to sustainable, organic and Biodynamic agriculture. This approach provides you with chemical-free food and also directly links you to the natural cycles of the earth. The farm is managed in a holistic manner with all life forms and processes being respected. This approach has numerous benefits that differentiate our practices from conventional farming practices. Food can be consumed directly out of the garden in all of its goodness and glory without fear of chemical residues. Your involvement in this farm will simply be enjoying the delectable harvests and therefore helping sustain the farm.

We grow 5 acres of diverse vegetables, herbs and berries.

CSA Details:
- Season :May through October
- Type :Single farm
- Since: 2005
- No of Shares : 200
- Full Share : $625Full share/ $350 Half share
- 1/2 Share : $350/season
- Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Woodbridge Farm
"Members pick up their shares EVERY FRIDAY FROM 1PM - 7PM"
Contact:    David and Julia Smagorinsky
Phone:    860-531-8090
Address:    30 Woodbridge Road
Salem, CT 06420 

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