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Waldingfield Farm, Inc

Contact Info

Name: Patrick Horan
Phone: 860-868-7270
24 East Street


Seasonal produce from farm to be picked up weekly (20 weeks) at our farmers markets or at the farm.

Waldingfield Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm (Baystate Organic Certifiers) in the heart of Litchfield County, CT. Brothers Quincy and Patrick Horan grow a wide variety of vegetables with an emphesis on Heirloom Tomatoes and other traditional garden fare.. Produce is available at farmer's markets (5) in Ct, the farm's stand, and through our CSA program.

Organic means that we grow our vegetables without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, or any other synthetic substance. The only fertilizers that we use are natural: composted cow manure, sea kelp, and "green manures" such as clover, vetch, and rye grass. Crop rotations keep these methods effective and our soils free of disease. We work to enrich soil, prevent erosion and protect groundwater. Our food comes from healthy soil that remains bountiful long after the crops have been harvested -- which means that you get fresh, healthy produce loaded with vitamins and minerals, from land that can continue producing. We will faithfully follow the rules and regulations of our governing body, Baystate Organic Certifiers, and will engage in commerce with honesty and integrity.

Thanks you for enquiring into the Waldingfield farm C.S.A program.  Here is a brief synopsis, which hopefully will provide answers to the questions you may have.  Every week for the five-month growing season our share clients receive a selection of whatever is ready that particular week.  It is an opportunity to reconnect with the rich agricultural past of Litchfield county in a new, exciting, way.  We believe that communities benefit from local farming operations such as ours, not simply by producing fresh food, but also through responsible land management,  ensuring our land will continue to produce will into the future. We can all do our part to help the environment and preserve bio-diversity! If this sounds like something you think you would like to try, then by all means give it a go.  You will not be disappointed.  The cost of a share is $600 for twenty weeks of the freshest organic vegetables available. There are also half-shares for $400.

Pick-ups are either at the farm stand at a time to be determind, or at any of our three farmers markets on Saturday morning.  We also provide home delivery for an extra  $200. Think of it: for what amounts to roughly $27/$17 a week, an outstanding array of vegetables can be yours. From peas and spinach in the spring to the fine tomatoes and salad greens of the summer, you have the chance to get anything that we grow here at the farm. Remember where we live though; different crops are ready at different times here in New England. The vegetables here at Waldingfield usually come in waves, so there are always ample supplies.The program serves two purposes for the farm. First, it opens our doors to our neighbors and friends; their participation allows them a very personal look into the daily travails of an organic vegetable operation. Everything is out in the open, and we think that people are enthusiastic about that aspect of our farm.

Secondly, the money that we receive in February, March, and April from our share subscribers gives us a solid cash flow to meet the start-up costs incurred in the spring. This is a vital part of the program because we do not sell product until mid-May, so the available capital is invaluable.

 If you want to split the share with a friend, that is also possible. This is a very flexible program and it's a great thing if you are into vegetables. How many deals like this do you know of? Exactly.  Sure beats the supermarket. Give us a shout and we will set you up or sign up, via the .pdf form found on the website.The program runs from Memorial Day through Nov. 1st.

CSA Details:
- Season:June through October
- Type: Single farm
- Since:1990
- No of Shares: 150
- Full Share: 2011 dues: $650 full share (20 Weeks)
- 1/2 Share:$450 (20 weeks)
- Work Req?No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Waldingfield Farm, Inc
Members pick up shares at farm or at farmer's markets we work.
Contact: Patrick Horan
Address:24 East Street , Washington, CT 06793 

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