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Tuv Ha'Aretz of White Plains

Contact Info

Name: Daryl Moss
Old Mamaroneck Road


A share will generally include 7 - 12 different vegetables and herbs, enough for side-dishes for a family of four for the week. If you eat a lot of vegetables, you may want to supplement your share with produce from the farmer's market or elsewhere, and equally, if vegetables aren't a mainstay of your diet, you might want to find someone to share a share with. Since every household's needs are different, we offer these amounts as a guideline only. If you wish to split a share, you are free to do so; however it must be arranged on your own, and splitting up of the produce must occur away from the pickup location. The contents of the share each week are determined by the farmer and cannot be altered.

Tuv Ha'Aretz is a CSA run by volunteers from the 5 synagogues in White Plains, under the auspices of Hazon. Hazon is an organization based in New York City which is focused on food issues, sustainablility, and the environment. Shares are open to the public. Our season runs from mid-June through mid-November. Our produce is provided by 2 farms in northwestern Connecticut: Adamah, which is part of the Isabella Freedman Center, and Chubby Bunny Farm. Deliveries are made to Temple Israel Center on Wednesdays, from 4PM to 8PM. Each shareholder has a volunteer commitment. All of our leftovers are delivered to a food pantry. We offer visits to the farms during the summer, and have educational programs during the season. Each week we put out a newsletter with news from the farms, recipes, and information about that week's harvest.

CSA Details:
- Season: June through November
- Type: 3rd party CSA service
- Since: 2008
- No of Shares: 120
- Full Share: $605/year
- Work Req? Yes: 5

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Tuv Ha'Aretz of White Plains  (Wed)
Members pick up their share on Wednesdays between 4 and 8pm.
Contact: Daryl Moss
Phone: 914-522-3881
Address: Old Mamaroneck Road,White Plains, NY 10606 

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