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Contact Info

Name: Diane Tune
Phone: 256-784-5975
Website: Tune Farm
85 Old Highway 31


Our objective is to provide both staple vegetables (like potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce) as well as a diversity of interesting and gourmet produce that is hard to find in northern Alabama (like Rainbow Lacinato kale, Atomic Red carrots, and Haogen Dessert melon). The exact contents of the share depend mainly on the time of year: different vegetables grow at different times. But no matter what part of the season, your CSA box will be brimming with a variety of fresh organic produce and recipe ideas.

We are now taking subscriptions for our 2011 season. Because a very limited number of shares are available, we urge to you sign up as soon as you decide for sure that you want to be a member of our farm this year!

We here at Tune Farm are cultivating about 3 acres of certified organic vegetables, fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, and flowers. We sell our produce at two weekly farmers markets in Huntsville, Alabama and run a small CSA program. Right now, we are three people (Diane--the owner, & Oliver and Suze--farm managers) doing all of the labor. We do use a tractor very sparingly to prepare some of the tougher beds, but the rest of our work is done manually with our hands and hand-tools. Volunteers will be involved in the Volunteers will have the chance to learn new skills and also teach us what they know. We can host no more than two volunteers at any one time and have a one month limit for hosting any individual

CSA Details:
- Season : May through September
- Type : Single farm
- Since : 2009
- No of Shares : 30
- Full Share : $30/week for 20 weeks for a Full Share. We are unable to offer Half shares this season.
- Work Req? : No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Tune Farm, Inc.  (Wed)
Members pick up their shares anytime on Wednesdays. Just drop by the farm, pick up your share and if you've got a minute- let us show you around the place!
Contact : Suze or Oliver
Phone : 256-784-5975
Address : 85 Old Highway 31,Falkville, AL 35622 

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