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The Zahradka Farm

Contact Info

Name: George Zahradka
Phone: 410-686-0808
2300 Golupski Road


The Zahradka Farm at Brown's Cove has been in existance for four generations. This 80 acre farm is run today by George Zahradka III. Just like his father and grandfather before him he runs every aspect of this small farm, from buying, to selling, planting to harvesting. From start to finish George takes pride in working the land and enjoying the friuts of his labor! In the spring the farm gates open and flowers begin to overflow from every pot and basket, then come the fresh strawberries and the opening of a farm stand that cutomers travel from miles to enjoy! Week after week more varieties of fresh produce are ready for the picking and the farmers markets begin. The Zahradka Farm is currently enrolled in five farmers markets, we also offer a CSA and we deliver right to your home, office, school, church.

Every week during the growing season you will receive a basket of seasonal produce, fruit, and herbs. Each basket will also contain the specialty item of the week. (Alternating; 12 free range eggs, free range poultry, free range beef, all natural cheeses, preservative free stone ground whole wheat bread, all natural honey etc.) Each week you will exchange your empty basket with one that is full to brim with fresh, local sustenance! Your basket will also include tips for preparing the items that may be unfamiliar, and helpful recipes.

CSA Details:

Season:  June through April
Type: single farm
Since: 2009
No of Shares: 150
Full Share: Full All Inclusive Share $50 per week Produce only Share $37 per week 1/2 produce only share $20 per week
1/2 Share:
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Farm Stand Pickup  (Sat)
Contact: Libby
Phone: 4438131590
Address: 2300 Golupski Rd., Baltimore, MD 21221

Our Farm Stand
Member's Pick up their shares between 10am - 6pm in the Farm Stand. on Fridays
Contact: Libby or George
Phone: 410 686 0808
Address: 2300 Golupski Rd., Baltimore, MD 21221

The GlenWood Library Market

Members pick their share up at The Zahradka Stand between the hours of 9am - 12pm on Saturday
Contact: Shay, Libby, or George
Phone: 410 686 0808

The Harbor East Market
Member's pick up their shares at The Zahradka Farm stand between 10am - 12:30pm. on Saturdays
Contact: Libby or George
Phone: 410 686 0808

THe Olney Artists and Farmer's Market

Member's pick up their shares between the hours of 10am - 1pm on Sunday's.
Contact: Libby, George, John
Phone: 4106860808

The Severna Park Farmer's Market
Members pick up their share at the Farm table between the hours of 9am - 11:30 am
Contact: Libby, George, Jeff
Phone: 410 686 0808

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