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Shaw Farm CSA

Contact Info

Phone: 410-660-7046
Website: Shaw Farm CSA
8000 Harriet Tubman Lane


Are you interested in eating the freshest, certified organic, locally grown produce possible?

We offer certified organic produce through a CSA. Visit our website shawfarmcsa.com, email brian@shawfarmcsa.com or phone 410 660-7046 for further info. We grow it all on our farm in Columbia which has been Certified Organic since 1997 Eat produce picked at the peak of freshness and flavor, most of which is harvested, washed, cooled and ready for pick up the same day! Eat food raised organically, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and not genetically modified, using methods that preserve and improve soil, water and ecosystem health. Preserve agriculture within our community Nurture the building of a sustainable, productive economy, while reducing fossil fuel use and our carbon footprint.

CSA Details:
Season:  January through January
Type: 3rd party CSA service
Since: 2000
No of Shares: 60
Full Share: 20-22 weeks for $825 and contributing eight hours of work or, $925 in lieu of contributing eight hours of work
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Shaw Farm CSA

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