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San Ysidro Farms

Contact Info

Name: Michael Green
55 Paul Hill Road


Second Year Bio-Dynamic CSA Farm. Focusing on vegetable production. We are not pursuing organic certification at just this moment but most certainly are in line with organic standards as well as those of Demeter, the Bio Dynamic Farming certifying agency. We have a few horses, grass fed cattle and free range chickens.

A second year CSA in south Stafford county. The project is called San Ysidro Farms in homage to the patron saint of farmers. We are a small group of siblings, friends and most importantly organic gardeners that collectively have years of experience working on and with various organic farms and CSA's across the country and around Virginia. We strive to produce excellent tasting vegetables while leaving as little of a foot print on our Earth as is possible by working in harmony with our farm and its natural surroundings and by taking the best of time tested organic farming practices and using these to help us create the most vital and nourishing crops to support our own human health and well being! Our season will begin on Thursday the 13th of May and will continue until Thursday September 30th. We will offer weekly shares on that day for pick up at two different locations. One at the farm it self which is located approximately ten minutes to the east from downtown Fredericksburg. The other pick up point will be at our Farmers market location.

Most of the usual and common spring, summer and fall crops will be available as they come into season starting firstly with fresh greens, radish, turnips and other early crops. The bags get heavier and more diverse as the season continues and of course there will also be your usual culinary herbs and a few medicinals thrown into the mix as well. Contact us about the full list of the crops being prepared for. We strive to make this an interactive and fun experience for all and to that end we will entertain suggestions or requests for particular crops if we hear about them soon enough! In addition, a limited number of "work shares" will be available for those who are available to trade an average of four to five hours a week of help in the garden for their "share" of our community gardens bounty! As these are our first few seasons we will not yet be seeking "organic certification" but we invite folks to come on down to the farm and see exactly how we manage our project and what our attitudes about sound farming practices are and to get to know the farm, the growers, friends and volunteers who put their best into this naturally grown, fresh and local produce! Thanks so much from the folks at San Ysidro Farms!

CSA Details:
Season:  May through October
Type: Multiple farm
Since: 2009
No of Shares: 50
Full Share: $600/year
1/2 Share: $300/year
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

San Ysidro Farms  (Thu)
On the farm pick ups are optional for those who are available during the middle of the day. Please come between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.
Contact: Michael Green
Phone: 540-903-7168
Address: 55 Paul Hill Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Contact: Michael Green
Phone: 540-903-7168

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