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Patchwork Gardens

Contact Info

Name: George Mertz
Phone: 937-835-5807
9057 West Third Street


Patchwork Gardens, is offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program this year! In this CSA program, Patchwork Gardens will provide you with a box of locally grown, chemical free, tasty vegetables each week from May to September. By purchasing a share in the 2011 harvest from Patchwork Gardens, you will receive delicious in-season vegetables that are grown with care the old-fashioned way.

Shares come in two sizes: Large and Small. Large shares cost $25 per week and small shares cost $17.50 per week. We recommend large shares for families or two vegetarians and small shares for single folks, depending on the quantities of vegetables you eat. For a large share over the full season, the cost would be $25 per week x 20 weeks = $500.

For the best value, we suggest purchasing a large share. For a large share, in mid-summer you might expect to get 2-3 lbs tomatoes, 3 bell peppers, 2 eggplant, 2 onions, 3 summer squash, 1 lb green beans, 2 lb potatoes, 1 bag salad mix, 1 bunch each of kale greens, basil, beets and flowers. This box has a retail value of about $30. Small shares will receive smaller quantities of fruits and vegetables. We try to do our best to have plenty of everything we grow to provide a satisfying box for all of our members. However, in the event that fruits or vegetables are in limited supply, large shares will receive preference. For example, if we have an early crop of tomatoes, but not enough tomatoes to go around, large shares may receive tomatoes before small shares do. This is one of the benefits of purchasing a large share in the Patchwork Gardens CSA.

If you are going to be out of town during the summer, you may take that as an opportunity to share your box of local, sustainably grown vegetables with a friend or neighbor. If you are going to be gone for some period of time during the 2011 season and would not like to share your vegetables with a friend, or if you would just like to save the money, we need to know ahead of time. With sufficient notice, we will not charge you for weeks you are not able to pick up your vegetables.

Patchwork Gardens is also offering eggs from free-range, pastured poultry. For a dozen per week, the cost would be $70 for the 20 week period.

Patchwork Gardens is a young small farm with a diverse operation. We welcome anyone out to visit the farm and we are looking for interns or paid help for the 2011 growing season. We raise goats, sheep and chickens which spend almost all of their time on pasture. We have about 250 hens with plenty of room to scratch that provide us with eggs year-round. We also have several hives full of honey bees.

Come spring, summer and fall, we grow lots of vegetables in our 5-6 acre garden. We grow our vegetables the old-fashioned way, with no chemical sprays or fertilizers - with mulch, manure and hard work. We grow all of your standard vegetables and some heirloom varieties. We sell on-farm and at the Yellow Springs Farmer's Market.

CSA Details:

Season:  May through December
Type: Single farm
Since: 2010
No of Shares: 60
Full Share: $25 /week for large shares
1/2 Share:
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Near University of Dayton  (Wed)
We will hand out shares to members who arrive between 4:00 and 6:00 pm
Contact: George Mertz
Phone: 937-835-5807
Address: 20 Sawmill Rd.Dayton, OH 45419 

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