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Madalina's Morsel

Contact Info

Name: Steven And Ludmila Sousa
Phone: 413-467-7561
151 Taylor Street


Full shares will include twice monthly: One dozen eggs, One 1/2 pound jar of Honey, One Broiler chicken, one Loaf of bread.

You may customize your share by choosing any combination of the four regular items (to be chosen for the complete session in advance).

Other items may be offered occasionally.

Madalina's is a family run small farm that offers CSA Shares and direct sales of foodstuffs grown, raised or produced by us. Madalina's Morsels offers Bi-weekly shares for the 2011 season, and will include Local Granby Multi-floral Raw Honey; Free Range mixed flock and Heritage breed chicken eggs; Heritage Breed Broiler Chicken freshly processed and raised hormone and anti-biotic free; and Bread Home-made Moldovan Style with Organic ingredients. Other items may be made available throughout the year from our Gardens and Kitchen.

Madalina's Morsels, operated by Ludmila (Lucy) and Steve Sousa, is inspired by the many small family farmsteads of Moldova, Lucy's home country. Virtually every home of the Moldovan village fills their ample yard with vegetable gardens, fruit and nut trees, flowers, poultry and hives; the bounty happily sustaining the family throughout the year - the surplus exchanged with neighbors bartered or sold.

CSA Details:
- Season:March through November
- Type:Single farm
- Since:2006
- No of Shares:25
- Full Share:$ 150 - $200 per session (3 months); three sessions per year (Mar-may, Jun-Aug, Sept-Nov)
- 1/2 Share:Shares may include all offered items or any combination; to be chosen before session
- Work Req?No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Madalina's Morsel  (Sat)
Pick up from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at 151 Taylor Street up the right hand driveway
Contact:Steven & Ludmila Sousa
Address:151 Taylor Street, Granby, MA 01033 

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