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Little River Market Garden

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Name: Muriel Olivares


The Little River Market Garden is a vegetable and cut flower garden growing for a small CSA as well as local farmer's markets and restaurants. Although we are not certified, we use organic and sustainable practices of agriculture. Our number one priority is to grow the most nutritious and beautiful produce. We strongly believe that the health of our soil is directly related to the quality of our harvest so we take as much care of the soil as we do any of the crops. Because our produce goes directly to the consumer we can choose vegetable varieties for their taste and not for how well they ship or how they look on the shelf. The garden specializes in producing about 30 varieties of specialty vegetables (most heirloom) as well as herbs, fruits and beautiful flowers for bouquets.

One vegetable share will satisfy a small family or 2 dedicated vegetarians. Compared to other CSA's our shares are on the small side.

We offer a FULL SEASON SHARE, which is the full 20 week growing season, from the first greens to the final roots and everything in between.

CSA Details:
Season:  November through April
Type: Single farm
Since: 2010
No of Shares: 25
Work Req? No

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