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Name: CSA in NYC
Phone: 212-645-9880
Website: Just Food
1155 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 311


Please note: Just Food is not a farm, but a non-profit organization that connects urban and rural farmers with New York City communities throughout the five boroughs

Just Food works with approximately 100 different CSA sites, 30 different vegetable growers and about 20 farms that produce additional products such as meat, dairy, eggs, fruit and flower for CSA.

Just Food has been the leader in connecting local farms to NYC neighborhoods and communities since 1995.  Our mission is to unite local farms and city residents of all economic backgrounds with fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown food.

In the city, Just Food tackles deficiencies in food access and security by increasing the production, marketing and distribution of fresh food from community gardens and urban agriculture sites, on the one hand, and promoting Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiatives (food-buying clubs), on the other.  Our aim is to turn “food deserts” (i.e., neighborhoods underserved by supermarkets and other food retailers) into “islands of sustainability.”  
In the countryside, we are addressing the rapid decline of family farms and the loss of agricultural land by linking small and medium-scale producers to new markets in New York City.  

In both town and country, Just Food fosters new marketing and food-growing opportunities that address the needs of small and medium family farms, urban gardeners, and NYC neighborhoods.  Through training, leadership development and organizing efforts, we build diverse partnerships to advance dialogue and action on farming, hunger and nutrition.

CSA Details:
- Season: January through January
- Type: 3rd party CSA service
- Since:1995
- Full Share: Varies from $380-$600/season
- 1/2 Share: Varies
- Work Req? Yes: 0

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

- Just Food
Varies; Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Saturday and Sunday at 80 different locations in New York City
Contact:    CSA in NYC
Phone:    212-645-9880 x 18
Address:    1155 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 311,New York, NY 10036

- Phipps CSA
Members pick up their share Thursday afternoon/ear
Contact: PhippsCSA@yahoo.com

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